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Trust & Fiduciary Services

Trust, Investment Management and Fiduciary Services

The selection of your executor or trustee is one of the most important decisions you will make. By working with qualified professionals, you ensure that your wishes will be carried out to meet your own family's needs. Many people choose to use our bank as trustee because we are…..

  • Objective - a professional, third party
  • Accessible - local professionals, available face-to-face for personalized service
  • Experienced - professionals educated in trust, tax law and estate administration
  • Stable - part of a strong, stable community bank
  • Diversified - capable of handling all sorts of special assets, including real estate, personal property, and various investments
  • Knowledgeable of fiduciary and tax matters -able to accurately interpret and follow the terms of your will or trust, consistent with laws which govern the arrangement and ensure all tax requirements are correctly addressed
  • Connected - routinely working with other advisors, such as attorneys and accountants

Paula Petersburg

Paula Petersburg
Vice President/
Trust Officer
Clear Lake

Anne Flynn

Anne Flynn
Vice President/
Trust Officer
Mason City

Stephanie Hassebroek 
Trust Operations

Casey Purcell
Customer Service Representative

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Edgar Financial Group & The Investment Center ARE NOT a subsidiary of Clear Lake Bank & Trust Company, Arneson Bancshares, or any of its affiliates. Investments purchased through CLB&T Insurance & Financial Services Inc., Edgar Financial Group, Investment Center or Clear Lake Bank & Trust Company Trust Department are not guaranteed by the bank or FDIC insured.