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Business Internet Banking & Cash Management


No matter the size, industry, or the goals of your company, a strong financial partner can be essential to the success of your business.  At CLB&T we can help you manage and meet your financial needs with Internet Banking and Internet Banking Cash Management. 

With Internet Banking enjoy the conveniences of transferring funds, viewing account history and cleared checks as well as: 

EMAIL ALERTS - Set up balance, item, event, or personal alerts.  Alerts are free and be sent via email, set to notify you at log in or both.
E-STATEMENT/E-NOTICES - Enroll to receive your statements and notices via email.  E-delivery is faster and more secure than regular mail delivery.  Also, statements and notices can be viewed and saved right to your PC. GO GREEN!
Secure Message Center SECURE MESSAGE CENTER - Have a question after normal business hours?  Send us a secure message and a bank representative will answer your question within one business day.
Download DOWNLOAD - Download account transactions into Quicken or Microsoft Money to help you track your expenses. Spreadsheet and text file downloads are also available.



Enjoy all the benefits of Business Internet Banking listed above as well as current and previous day balance and transaction totals.  Other features of Internet Banking Cash Management include: 

Direct Deposit PAYROLL DIRECT DEPOSIT - Streamline your payroll processing and save your company money.  Payroll Direct Deposit can help your company cut costs related to check printing and processing.  Learn more...
ACH Origination ACH ORIGINATION - CLB&T's ACH origination can help your company automate and simplify your pre-authorized payments.  Even establish recurring automatic payments for your customers.  Learn more...
POSITIVE PAY - Positive Pay is an automated check matching process that is used to help mitigate check fraud and detect encoding errors before statement reconciliation.  Electronic matching is based on the check number and the encoded amount that is supplied to the bank through Internet Banking Cash Management. Checks matching the information provided are automatically paid, where as items not matching are listed as an exception. Exception items are only paid when the validity of the check as been confirmed.  Learn more...