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Business Accounts

At Clear Lake Bank & Trust Company, we offer a variety of corporate, business, and non-profit checking accounts to meet your needs.  We also offer a large array of products & services to accompany your business checking account.  See our suite of other business services & cash management solutions!

Flat Fee Checking
Exclusively for sole-proprietors.?

  • Fee waived with e-statements, otherwise $5 monthly service charge
  • 5 free deposits monthly; $.50/each thereafter
  • 20 free checks monthly; $.25/each thereafter
  • FREE Internet banking for sole proprietors
  • Does not earn interest

Small Business Checking
Designed for our small business customers. By maintaining a minimum balance of $2,000, we'll waive the $10 monthly service charge

  • 50 FREE checks each month; $.30/each thereafter
  • 20 FREE deposits/credits each month; $.50/each thereafter
  • 75 FREE deposit items (on us); $.05/each thereafter
  • 25 FREE deposit items (on other banks); $.07/each thereafter
  • Does not earn interest

Business Plus Checking
Intended for sole proprietors, non-profit organizations and government entities (corporations are not eligible). By maintaining a minimum balance of $1,500, we'll wave the $8 service charge.

  • Per item charge of $.25 for debits and credits
  • Interest bearing account
  • Interest accrues daily and is paid monthly
  • Check images returned with statement  

Business Analysis Checking
Suited for corporations and large transaction businesses. While we do not pay interest on this account, we will give you an earnings allowance based on your average account balance to offset any account fees you may incur.

  • Monthly maintenance fee of $8.00
  • Deposits - $.25 each
    Checks deposited (on us) - $.05 each
  • Checks deposited (on other banks) - $.07 each
  • Checks written - $.15 each
  • Return items - $3.00 each

Non-Profit Checking?

  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly fee
  • FREE Internet banking

Health Savings Account

  • No minimum balance
  • FREE debit card
  • FREE Internet banking
  • $2 monthly maintenance fee