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Bill Pay

Simplify Your Life With Bill Pay

  • Convenience - Receive and pay your bills electronically from our secure website.
  • ControlSchedule single or recurring payments in just a few steps.
  • Savings - Save money on stamps and trips to the post office by making electronic payments via PC, tablet, or smart phone.
  • SecurityProtect against check fraud with electronic payments instead of unsecured mail.
  • Simplicity - Track your payments history at a glance and view all your future scheduled transactions.
  • Confidence - Check your account status to securely confirm that payments went through

Person to Person Payments
Send money to anyone electronically via our website or app.

This feature is a convenient way to reimburse a friend, pay a babysitter, hairdresser, or send money to a family member. Follow the instructions below or watch a short video. 

To Add a Payee:

  1. Login to Internet Banking.

  2. Click the Bill Pay tab.

  3. Click – ‘Add Payee’

  4. Select to ‘Pay an individual’ and click ‘Next’

  5. Select ‘Allow them to provide their banking information’

  6. Complete payee information, click ‘Next’

  7. Enter a keyword to give to the payee, confirm, click ‘Next’

  8. Choose a method of delivery for your payee activation code and click ‘Next.’ The information listed will pull from information we have on file for you.

  9. Once you receive the code, enter in the activation code box.

  10. Once activated, the payee will available in your list of payees.


To Accept a Payment:

  1. As soon as a customer has been submitted into the Bill Pay system as a payee, they payee will receive an email.

  2. Payee needs to click the link provided in the email.

  3. Enter the keyword provided by the person paying. Click ‘Submit.’

  4. Enter deposit information as requested. Click ‘Submit.’

  5. Payment setup is complete. Payee will receive payment once payment has been submitted.

Get bills delivered directly to your One-Click Bill Pay account. 
With eBill, you will be able to see your balance due, due date, and minimum payment information from companies which have the ability to send electronic bills. Common examples of these types of companies include utility companies and credit card companies. Want to learn more? Watch our short video


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